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Jaspers Bamboo Catering

Contemporary buffet bowl food. Impress your guests with something truly different.


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Our well loved buffet platters. Sandwiches, rolls, finger food, fruit, cakes, and more.

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Jaspers Tapas Tatering

Appetizing hot and cold tapas. Perfect for sharing with friends at home or at work.

Jspers Picnic Catering

Classic picnic food, from scotch eggs to strawberries and cream, put together by you, delivered by us.

Jspers Fruit Catering

The ultimate workplace fruit delivery service. Whole fruit, berries, nuts, seeds...your choice.

Jaspers Hot Food Catering

Warm things up with Hot Food favourites. Delivered to you for self service in stainless steel chafing dishes.


Your Catering Experts

Are you looking for a professional caterer? Trust Jasper's. With more choice of buffet catering than any other UK caterer, Jasper's has something for everyone. Every branch of Jasper's Catering is run by local people who are passionate about food and service. All food is prepared in certified and fully insured premises. Every team member is trained in Jasper's, and national, food production and safety methods. Food quality and safety is paramount.

We understand that you need your catering when YOU need it, which is why your Jasper's delivery driver is trained in the art of punctuality. Your driver will always be uniformed and name-badged and will deliver your food in a Jasper's refrigerated vehicle.

We are professionals in everything we do but most importantly, our service is underwritten by the Jasper's Guarantee.

If you have any customer service questions please email with your company name and details and one of the Jasper's team will contact you within 12 working hours.

Picnic Catering

Make the most of the summer with Picnic Catering from Jasper’s – the perfect catering solution for events outdoor and in! (Don’t let the rain stop play!) Whether you’re going to an event or hosting one yourself, your food is neatly transportable in windowed boxes, showcasing classic picnic food favourites, from scotch eggs to strawberries and cream. Whether you’re catering for 4 or 400 guests, it’s no problem. Just call your local Jasper’s to order.

jasper's Catering Services

Get fruity at work

Snacking is an essential part of the working day! How would you get through it otherwise?! But when you are surrounded by vending machines and packets of biscuits, it's not easy to keep things healthy. At Jasper's we can ensure you and your colleagues have fresh, healthy fruit at your fingertips. Order online by simply selecting the fruit you want, the amount, the date and time you want it, then your local Jasper's will deliver it, as ordered, to your workplace.

A selection of nuts, seeds and other nutritious snacks are also available. If there is something else you'd like but you can't see it on our system, just ask.

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Other Services

"On-site catering: We can design, build and manage your workplace on-site catering facility, such as canteen or coffee shop. Or we can manage an existing facility. Vending solutions: how about fresh bean to cup coffee at your finger tips? Our state of the art coffee machines make this possible. We also supply a range of snack and drink vending machines. Office sundries: let us stock up on all your catering supplies such as tea, coffee, sugar, drinks and biscuits."

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