Terms and Conditions


  1. Only authorised customers are entitled to use our online ordering system. This system is unique and in no way should the system be shown to or shared with third parties.
  2. We would appreciate all orders placed online by 2pm the day before to ensure we can guarantee exactly what you have ordered.
  3. Orders can be cancelled and amended up until 2pm the day before delivery online, after this you will need to speak to Jasper's directly.
  4. Any orders placed later than 2pm should be made by email or telephone and will be subject to produce and logistical availability.
  5. Each order will generate a confirmation note sent by email, it is your responsibility to check this and query any issues you have before delivery.
  6. On occasions we may have to replace out-of-stock items with other items. We apologise for this, we do our best not to let this happen and will notify you when this is the case.
  7. Any orders cancelled with less than 24 hours notice delivery will unfortunately have toincur a 50% working charge.
  8. Any deliveries after 3 pm will be subject to a charge to cover the cost of staff overtime and fuel. You will be notified what this charge will be at the time of ordering.
  9. Any weekend deliveries will be subject to a charge to cover the cost of staff overtime and fuel. You will be notified what this charge will be at the time of ordering.
  10. We ask that all non-food items, insulated bags, platters, baskets and other equipment is kept ready for collection. We will have to charge for items thrown away or not ready for collection.
  11. We accept no responsibility for any spillages, staining or damage caused by spilt food or drinks supplied by Jasper's.
  12. All images and copy on Jasper's website belong to Jasper's. We do not give permission to any third party to use these.
  13. Any complaints or reports regarding food or service will be taken seriously and are appreciated. You should, as a customer, expect a response from Jasper's within 12 working hours stating our actions.
  14. Please provide the name, date, location and menus or items involved with any complaint.
  15. Please retain food or drink related to the complaint in a refrigerated environment for Jasper's to collect.
  16. All passwords and usernames are unique and should remain so. We cannot take responsibility for other people using your password and username. Any orders placed under these false circumstances will unfortunately have to be charged in full.
  17. We cannot be responsible for the actions of any third parties we work with. We do however strive to ensure we only work with companies and individuals with high ethical values and standards.
  18. Jasper's offers are subject to availability and stated time scales.
  19. Free/complimentary lunches are eligible to new customers to Jasper's only and within our operating and delivery boundaries and must be agreed to by management.
  20. Invoices will be sent on the agreed day or week. It is the responsibility of the customer to check the invoice and raise any questions where required within 24 hours of receipt.
  21. Copies of invoices can be attained from your customer login page as and when required.
  22. Statements will be sent monthly or as and when required.
  23. Payment should be made by bank transfer or secure payment link via Stripe, quoting the remittance within the agreed terms set out.
  24. Jasper's reserves the right to charge interest on monies that are overdue. https://www.gov.uk/late-commercial-payments-interest-debt-recovery/charging-interest-commercial-debt

How we work

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Our professional, local caterers prepare and package your food in 5* commercial kitchens and our friendly, uniformed drivers
deliver to you in temperature-controlled vehicles.


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