Appetizing hot and cold tapas. Perfect for sharing with friends at home or at work.
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Jasper's Mucho Mango

Mucho Mango info

Jasper's Twinnings Camomile Tea 1 x 20

Twinnings Camomile Tea 1 x 20 info

Jasper's Mexicana

Mexicana info

Jasper's Seis

Seis info

Jasper's (V) Seis

(V) Seis info

Jasper's Fiesta

Fiesta info

Jasper's Fresco

Fresco info

Jasper's Gusto

Gusto info

Jasper's Ocho

Ocho info

Jasper's (V) Ocho

(V) Ocho info

Jasper's Grande

Grande info

Jasper's Chicken and Chorizo Skewer

Chicken and Chorizo Skewer info

Jasper's (V) Tapas Salad

(V) Tapas Salad info

Jasper's (V) Stuffed Olives

(V) Stuffed Olives info

Jasper's Chilli Con Carne

Chilli Con Carne info

Jasper's Halloumi Wrapped in Parma Ham Skewer

Halloumi Wrapped in Parma Ham… info

Jasper's Sticky Chicken Wings

Sticky Chicken Wings info

Jasper's (V) Stuffed Red Pepper with Cream Cheese

(V) Stuffed Red Pepper with Cr… info

Jasper's (V) Patatas Bravas

(V) Patatas Bravas info

Jasper's Spanish Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Spanish Meatballs in Tomato Sa… info

Jasper's (V) Spicy Potato Wedges

(V) Spicy Potato Wedges info

Jasper's (V) Vegetarian Paella

(V) Vegetarian Paella info

Jasper's Chorizo, Green Pepper and Sundried Tomato Skewer

Chorizo, Green Pepper and Sund… info

Jasper's Ensalada Murciana

Ensalada Murciana info

Jasper's Tapas Wraps

Tapas Wraps info

Jasper's (V) Tapas Wraps

(V) Tapas Wraps info

Jasper's Crostini Meat

Crostini Meat info

Jasper's (V) Crostini Vegetarian

(V) Crostini Vegetarian info

Jasper's (V) Mild Green Chillies with Cream Cheese

(V) Mild Green Chillies with C… info

Jasper's (V) Whole Nocellara olives

(V) Whole Nocellara olives info

Jasper's (V) Spanish Tortilla

(V) Spanish Tortilla info

Jasper's (V) Mushrooms, Goats Cheese, Garlic and Chilli

(V) Mushrooms, Goats Cheese, G… info

Jasper's (V) Mini Cinnamon Doughnuts with Chocolate Sauce

(V) Mini Cinnamon Doughnuts wi… info

Jasper's (V) Raspberry and Chocolate Brownie Skewer

(V) Raspberry and Chocolate Br… info

Jasper's (V) Tapas Fruit Salad

(V) Tapas Fruit Salad info

Jasper's (V) Houmous served with flat bread

(V) Houmous served with flat b… info

Jasper's Quorn Sausage, Sundried Tomato and Green Pepper Skewer in Salsa

Quorn Sausage, Sundried Tomato… info

Jasper's Quorn Veggie balls

Quorn Veggie balls info

Jasper's (V) Quorn Mince and Three Bean Chilli

(V) Quorn Mince and Three Bean… info

Jasper's Spanish Platter

Spanish Platter info

Jasper's Jasper's Toffee and Vanilla Butter Biscuits

Jasper's Toffee and Vanilla Bu… info

Jasper's Jasper's Double Choc Chunk Butter Biscuits

Jasper's Double Choc Chunk But… info

Jasper's Jasper's Stem Ginger Butter Biscuits

Jasper's Stem Ginger Butter Bi… info

Jasper's Orange Juice 1ltr

Orange Juice 1ltr info

Jasper's Apple Juice 1ltr

Apple Juice 1ltr info

Jasper's Still Water

Still Water info

Jasper's Sparkling Water

Sparkling Water info

Jasper's Lavazza Coffee and Twinings Tea

Lavazza Coffee and Twinings Te… info

Jasper's Lavazza Coffee, Twinings Tea and Housemade Biscuits

Lavazza Coffee, Twinings Tea a… info

Jasper's Can of Coke

Can of Coke info

Jasper's Can of Diet Coke

Can of Diet Coke info

Other Services

"On-site catering: We can design, build and manage your workplace on-site catering facility, such as canteen or coffee shop. Or we can manage an existing facility. Vending solutions: how about fresh bean to cup coffee at your finger tips? Our state of the art coffee machines make this possible. We also supply a range of snack and drink vending machines. Office sundries: let us stock up on all your catering supplies such as tea, coffee, sugar, drinks and biscuits."

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