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About Jasper's Catering St Helens

What we do

WE LOVE FOOD, We’ve always loved food and judging by how much the people of Warrington and St Helens seems to have taken to Jasper’s, I think there is more than a chance we may be involved with food for some time yet.

Having run bars and restaurants for years, catering is what we do. We have brought all the knowledge and skills we gained from looking after hundreds of customers and have honed those skills to provide a perfect offer for the offices, businesses and organisations within the Warrnington and St Helens area. We look to make new friends at every turn and have built up a loyal customer base.

With a real passion for customer service that runs throughout the team (I know how much we tend to hear that everywhere we go these days but it's true!) we genuinely live, eat and sleep these values. Our service operates in real-time and allows us to react to even the latest of last minute orders.

About Jasper's Warrington and St Helens

I love Warrington and St Helens, after growing up in St Helens (please forgive me Wire supporters), I went off to London for 15 years to run bars and restaurants. After a successful time down in the capital, it is lovely to be back home. The two towns are so close together and both quintessentially northern towns: warm, and welcoming.

I love that my business allows me to deal with the general public all day long. The people are so friendly and appreciative of the quality service we provide. This is why we spend a lot of time working in the community: we support Warrington Youth Club whenever possible with free catering, loads of support and fund raising. We are looking to get more and more involved with the amazing contributions they make to the community we live in.

The Jasper's team

"I love working at Jaspers, it’s an amazing team we have here, we genuinely enjoy delivering great quality products to our customers. The food's the freshest around and the presentation is amazing. Many of us have worked together before for Nick and Laura, it feels like a big family. No two days are ever the same, it’s frantic but very rewarding."  Chris, Production Manager

"I drive one of the vans and have been part of the team since we opened in September 2013, seems a long time ago now! I like to refer to myself as Transport Manager but with over 45 years of catering experience myself I could refer to myself as Executive Food Consultant!"  Dave, Driver/Transport Manager/Executive Food Consultant

"I recently re-joined Nick and Laura after working for them when they had the Trigger Pond pub a few years ago.  After fancying a change from pub work (and no weekend working) Nick and Laura offered me a job and I couldn’t say no. We make the best food, I am amazed by how organised the operation is and how quickly we can react to last minute orders as most caterers need days notice and we generally require less than half an hour."  Claire, Production Supervisor


Tel: 01925 394760


Other Services

"On-site catering: We can design, build and manage your workplace on-site catering facility, such as canteen or coffee shop. Or we can manage an existing facility. Vending solutions: how about fresh bean to cup coffee at your finger tips? Our state of the art coffee machines make this possible. We also supply a range of snack and drink vending machines. Office sundries: let us stock up on all your catering supplies such as tea, coffee, sugar, drinks and biscuits."

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