How to Stay Healthy in the Workplace

Many of us spend a large proportion of our lives in the place we work, so it makes sense to focus on how we can stay healthy while there.

There’s a lot to be said for that famous 1950’s saying “Go to work on an egg” and you’d do well to abide by this. Eggs are a fantastic source of protein, vitamins B12 and B5, vitamins A and D as well as selenium and phosphorus. They are incredibly satisfying and you’ll find will sustain you until lunch (or at least elevenses!) They are also very versatile and extremely quick to prepare so shouldn’t just be a part of a leisurely weekend breakfast. Omelettes, poached eggs, boiled eggs or scrambled eggs with wholemeal toast can be made in minutes. 

If you simply can’t face or can’t find the time to eat breakfast before you head out, think about energy balls or dried fruit and nuts as a snack to get you going. Or why not prepare a wrap you could take with you and eat en route? Filling combos are spinach, feta and tomato or tuna with tinned beans or salad.

Once you’re at work you need a way to stop your tummy rumbling in the mornings and afternoons. You need to keep your blood sugar up to maintain energy levels, productivity and motivation. Historically, choice has been limited and the answer has usually been the vending machine for chocolate or crisps; or onsite canteen or local coffee shop for cakes and muffins. Thankfully, Jasper’s has come to the rescue with the perfect service for staff that puts an end to the cycle of sugary, starchy, nutritionally empty, unhealthy workplace snacking. It’s called Snack Shack and will transform your workplace.

Snack Shack is an actual physical shack that you keep in your place of work and it is stocked full of nutritious snacks including olives; Graze boxes; dried fruits, nuts and seeds combos; popcorn and natural energy drinks: snacks that have real nutritional benefit and importantly don’t cause a sugar rush then crash. Snack Shack makes it so easy to have healthy snacks at staff’s fingertips and it is so easy to manage – Jasper’s keeps the Shacks stocked up and staff pay for their snacks via an honesty box. We know from our existing customers that employees see real value in this service from their employers as it is investing in their health and wellbeing.

Fruit is another snack that should be incorporated in your daily workplace diet. Although there has been a lot of emphasis on the dangers of sugar recently, this shouldn’t cause fruit to be demonized. Although fruit does contain natural sugar, unlike confectionary and cakes (which contain empty, refined sugar) fruit also contains beneficial nutrients. For example, apples are high in fibre which helps keep your gut healthy; bananas have high levels of potassium which can help maintain a healthy blood pressure, and berries are renowned “superfoods” containing a multitude of nutrients to improve your overall health and help prevent chronic health conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

Jasper’s offers an office fruit box delivery service which you can have delivered daily, weekly or as often as required, stocked with the fruits of your choice.

So with Jasper's Snack Shack and Office Fruit Boxes to hand there’s no excuse to reach for chocolate, cakes or crisps, we really have made it easy to get through the working day, healthily. 

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