How to get the Most from your Picnic

What could be a better way of lunching in the summertime than picnicking? The British are renowned for it, and for making the most of the situation even if the weather doesn’t pan out as planned!

There’s really nothing like sitting and sharing food together, it’s informal, lifts the spirits and gets conversation flowing. So here we offer some tips for making the most of your picnic.

Packing it in

First up, you need something sizeable and sturdy to pack your picnic in. It has to be roomy enough that you can be as generous and uncompromising as you want with the food, and also enables you to pack drinks and utensils (plates, cups, cutlery etc). It also needs to keep your food cool, so a cool box or cool bag with handle is ideal.

Savoury selection

Everyone expects sandwiches or rolls at a picnic, with a variety of fillings to keep things interesting and provide something for everyone. Traditional fillings such as cheese ploughmans, ham salad, chicken club, BLT and egg mayo just fit that classic picnic theme perfectly.

Add to the savoury selection with easy to pick up pies and mini quiches. So filling and satisfying. Chicken drumsticks and scotch eggs always go down well: they are picnic favourites for a reason: people love them!

‘Nibbly bits’ elevate your picnic to something special. Think pots of olives, sweet red peppers filled with cream cheese, pickles and cheeses…and don’t forget the crisps!

Lighten up

But not everybody on a picnic wants to indulge themselves so include lighter options such as salad pots for those that don’t want to fill up on bread and pastry. Greek salad or tuna nicoise are colourful and well balanced options. Salads of mixed beans keep well and are very satisfying. If you are able to, keep dressing separate so the salad doesn’t go soggy but you are able to add to the flavour when drizzling over.

Sweet treats

Picnics in themselves are treats – they inspire relaxation and fun – so of course you need sweet treats to follow the savoury munchies. Strawberries and cream pots are so summery and indulgent. Scones with jam and cream are absolutely delicious. Mini cream cakes are bitesize bliss, while little pots of fruit salad offer a healthier and refreshing option. 

Quenching your thirst

What good is all this delicious food without something to wash it down with?! Waters, juices, soft drinks…a selection is best.


Food – check. Drink – check. Now don’t forget the plates, napkins (an absolute must), cutlery and seating arrangements to make your picnic a civilised affair! There may be tables and chairs or benches where you are heading but nothing beats a blanket. Make sure you pack one big enough for all those in attendance, while taking into consideration that your food and drink will require a certain amount of room as well. A fit for purpose waterproof-backed blanket makes all the difference.

Keep it clean

Wherever you are planning on having your picnic, whether on a lawn, on the beach,  in the park…please respect your environment and clean up afterwards. If you take an empty bin bag with you, all your unwanted packaging, plates and leftovers can easily be disposed of.

Have a contingency plan!

The idea of a picnic is a wonderful thing, but in Britain we are sadly all too dependent on the weather! If the sun lets you down, make sure your picnic is easily transportable to somewhere with a roof! Jasper’s Picnics all come in easy to carry distinctive windowed boxes, so you can take them inside if called for. Enjoy.

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