How a Breakfast Club Could Benefit Your Workplace

We have found that breakfast clubs are becoming increasingly popular. This is where companies provide breakfast catering for staff so that they miss the rush hour traffic and instead start the day relaxed with a satisfying breakfast at work.

The half-finished piece of toast or hastily-eaten bowl of cereal at home inevitably means that people are leaving their house without having had a satisfying breakfast. This means they are under-fuelled and hungry even before elevenses so hunt for carb-heavy or sugary snacks to make it through until lunch. The sugar boost from these snacks results in a crash of energy which hinders productivity and makes for slower, grumpier employees!

An ideal solution which Jasper’s can provide (many of our customers have already switched on to this) is to lay on a breakfast buffet – a range of fresh fruits, cereals, muffins and yoghurts with juice and fresh complimentary coffee to those employees who can get into work earlier than the required start time. They can then start the day with a satisfying, stress-free breakfast whilst chatting to colleagues – thus also helping relationship building in the workplace. This also avoids the inevitable rush to the kettle to start the morning with tea and coffee for those staff that have come in straight from traffic.

The great thing is that a breakfast club also makes business sense. A report by the Telegraph newspaper demonstrates that lateness costs business in the UK £9 billion, with the average late employee costing their company £305 per year. Rush hour traffic was the biggest reason given for lateness.

Breakfast clubs give your staff a head start to each day, meaning they are fully fuelled and raring to go rather than arriving at work harassed, hungry and starting on a negative footing. They also demonstrate an employer’s willingness to boost health and wellbeing – a valuable factor in creating true staff loyalty that a pay rise alone will not achieve.

If you would like us to help you set up a work place breakfast club then please let us know, just get in touch with your local Jasper’s Catering.

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