5 Tips for Creating Memorable Events

Whatever your event, there’s no doubt that catering will be at the heart of whether it is a memorable experience for the right or the wrong reasons! Apply these catering tips to help your event run smoothly.

1) Be welcoming

It’s likely that when your guests come to take their refreshments, there are going to be some nerves jangling. Ease the anxiety of a morning networking meeting, training session or client presentation by having fresh coffee, tea and juice to hand. It’s a diversion and a talking point to get guests mingling. 

A continental breakfast with croissants, pain au chocolats and fresh sliced fruit will settle nervous tummies and boost energy first thing. While offering afternoon tea will give guests a welcome chance to regroup, chat and perk up.

2) Be generous

Don’t scrimp on your catering. An abundant spread of food with a variety to choose from is hugely impressive and will be appreciated. The quality and quantity of the food you present says a lot about you as a company and the last thing you want to come across as is tight and mean spirited. 

There should be no compromise on this, so ensure that the amount of food you order more than meets the demands of your guests. It’s also wise to vary what you offer so there is something for everyone: include different finger foods, bread types and dessert options if you are going for classic buffet catering. Or to really give an impression of abundance, choose bowl food where guests serve themselves from a variety of salads, skewers, fruit and more. You should ensure that specific dietary requirements (eg gluten free) are catered for too.

3) Be simple

A formal sit down meal has its place but if you are serving a lot of guests, keep it simple.  The quality and execution of your food is the important thing. Your caterer can make things easy for you by delivering beautifully presented food that guests can help themselves to, there is no need for extra staff or equipment, and no need to get stressed if you are the host. And best of all there is no washing up afterwards.

4) Be punctual

You must know yourself that there is nothing worse than waiting for food, especially if you’re hungry! Select a delivery time for your food that is earlier enough before your event starts that the room can be set up ready. And when it is time for a break in proceedings, have the food and drink ready for your guests, don’t keep them hanging around. They will no doubt be chomping at the bit! 

5) Be relaxed

Where possible choose smaller, more intimate events. A large number of people in a room can be quite stark and intimidating, where as a carefully selected number can create a more informal atmosphere and put your guests at ease. If your event does have to cater for a larger number of people, break delegates up into smaller groups.

Remember that the food you serve can make or a break your event so it is really worth carefully considering. And if you need any help, just ask Your Catering Experts at Jasper’s!

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