Limited Edition Jasper's Menu Available Throughout August

July 29, 2016

Jasper’s has created a Brazilian-inspired summer menu to tie in with the summer of sport in Rio. It features as a limited edition menu in the Bamboo range of contemporary buffet bowl food to share.

The 5 Brazilian Bowls menu kicks off with Bauru which is a traditional Brazilian sandwich of sliced roast beef, mozzarella cheese, tomato and pickled cucumber, served in a sub roll. The Brazilian city of Bauru eventually named the traditional Bauru as the city's official sandwich, codifying the recipe in a municipal law.

To capture the exciting flavours of South America, the second dish on the menu is The Rio Wrap. This consists of a tomato wrap filled with avocado, salsa, refried beans, feta cheese and fresh coriander. It has been a particular favourite with testers of the menu thanks to the combination of tangy flavours.

A popular side dish of barbecues and Brazilian meals – potato salad – is given a fresh twist with the inclusion of grated carrot, chopped celery, spring onions and a hint of lime. To add spice, cajun marinated chicken skewers served with a cool sour cream and chive dip complete the savoury dishes on the menu. Dessert is cinnamon and sugar dusted mini doughnuts with chocolate dipping sauce, already a hit with Jasper’s customers.

The 5 Brazilian Bowls menu is available throughout the month of August. Contact your local Jasper’s for prices.

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