Jasper's premium sandwiches for British Sandwich Week

May 2, 2018

Jasper’s has added new premium sandwich platters to its Classic Buffet Catering menus in honour of British Sandwich Week which runs from 20th to 26th May 2018.

The new range of sandwiches are on rustic soft white and granary farmhouse bread with a variety of premium fillings which are new combinations to Jasper’s:

  • Spicy prawn Marie with watercress on white farmhouse 
  • Salt beef with mild mustard, gherkin and spinach on white farmhouse 
  • Mexican chicken with red onion and coriander on granary farmhouse 
  • Salami, mozzarella, tomato, basil and pesto on granary farmhouse 
  • Veggie Club: mild mustard, Quorn slices, mixed leaf, tomato and avocado on white farmhouse (V) 
  • Red Leicester Ploughman’s with pickle on white farmhouse (V) 
  • Falafel, red pepper houmous, grated carrot and rocket on granary farmhouse (V) 
  • Cheddar, mayo, pickled red cabbage, gherkin and spinach on granary farmhouse (V)

The premium sandwiches are available to order online from 8th May as individual platters or as part of any Jasper’s Classic Buffet menus which include sandwiches.

About British Sandwich week

British Sandwich Week is a week-long celebration of the ultimate ‘food to go’ and quite possibly the most iconic British culinary invention, the sandwich.

Ever since John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich ordered cold beef between slices of toast, to avoid getting up from his cards game, his name has become synonymous with the delectable dish.

Of course, meat and bread were staples long before he tucked into on while playing cards, but he gave rise to the concept of having one as a convenient meal while getting on with other things!

Today in Britain alone we buy over 3.5 billion sandwiches a year.

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