Britons Are Underestimating The Amount They Eat

August 12, 2016

How much do you really eat? Probably considerably more than you think! according to a new study which shows Britons are under-reporting their calorie intake.

People that participated in the study consumed 1,000 calories more than they reported and which official statistics show. Researchers say that a big contributing factor to this could be failure to track the amount of snacks eaten and how many calories these contain. Although increasing physical activity is key to human health, researchers suggest that cutting obesity must focus primarily on reducing the number of calories consumed.

At Jasper’s we’re all too aware of the bad snacking habit, we used to be guilty of it in our office. Hunger bites or energy slumps and the only option is something starchy or sugary from the vending machine or a calorific muffin from the canteen or coffee shop.

Luckily Jasper’s has the answer! We have brought healthy snacking into the workplace and right at your finger tips with our Snack Shack. A super cool and super convenient workplace snacking solution. The Snack Shack holds a range of nutritious satisfying snacks such as Graze pots, olives, nuts, seeds, popcorn, dried fruits, fresh berries, yoghurts, sugar-free healthy energy drinks available to buy with an honesty box formula. So simple and addictive use, it makes ditching the biscuits and the kicking the bad snacking habit really easy to do and stick with.

However much time and thought you put into your meals at home, the good work is undone if you fill up with crisps, chocolate bars or biscuits at work. With Snack Shack the healthy option is right there for you. Not only can this help with weight loss if that’s your goal, but it is a boost to health and wellbeing, fuelling your body and your mind.

Do yourself and your colleagues a favour, make the right choice every time with Snack Shack. Contact us to get one for your office.

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